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Our doors, as individual as our customers

We know the special requirements of our customers' industries and know what is important when using doors in the respective situations. We understand that standard is often not enough for special requirements. Therefore, we have already developed numerous industry-specific solutions and are already looking forward to facing your challenge.

Doors for wash bays

It's the result that matters

Our wash bay package is based on over 25 years of experience as a door manufacturer and service company for wash bay doors. Today, we are one of the market leaders in this market segment and the exclusive partner of major mineral oil companies and specialized retailers.

We ensure that you, as a car wash operator, can work economically and that your customers receive an ideal wash result. To achieve this, we focus on maximum corrosion protection, reduction of dripping wetness and spatial flexibility inside and outside the wash bay when designing your wash bay doors.

Our wash bay package combines the ideal door types with the right materials and necessary equipment. Our wash bay doors are constructed with aluminum or stainless steel fittings to give rust no chance. The electrical components are splash-proof and optimized for water tightness. 

For wash bays, we particularly recommend the use of our folding doors, as these achieve both a better wash result by eliminating residual moisture dripping down from the ceiling. Many of the otherwise particularly stressed wear parts such as steel cables and torsion springs are omitted. As a result, maintenance intervals can be extended and operating costs reduced.

Sectional doors in wash bays are made with a direct drive and solid shaft. This means rusting steel springs are history, and you can focus on your business.

Our product recommendation for wash bays:
Folding door | Sectional door

Doors for machines and plants

A part of your plant

Our solutions for machine and plant construction are as diverse as your requirements. Whether it's a paint booth, soundproof booth, machine enclosure, drying plant, sewage treatment plant, industrial cooling or greenhouse – quality and reliability, functionality and design flexibility are usually at the top of your list so that you can offer your customers the best solution. We have the same DNA here, because only the best solution is our benchmark.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of special solutions, we have everything it takes to stand by your side from planning to commissioning your system. Topics such as sound insulation, absence of silicone, dust protection, UV protection, closing speed, temperature resistance, corrosion protection or burglary protection are undoubtedly complex technical challenges, but none that our technicians have not yet solved.

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Sectional door | Folding door | Overhead folding door | Roller door | High-speed door

Doors for car dealers and garages

The door to your business

We are long-standing partners of leading garage equipment suppliers, car dealership chains and purchasing companies for automotive and commercial vehicle specialist businesses. They trust not only our garage doors and doors for car dealers, but above all our service, whether for maintenance, repair or spare parts supply.

Do you value high light incidence for an optimal working environment and reduction of electricity costs, good insulation both in summer and winter, robust and reliable construction for strong operation, as well as an attractive appearance to represent your business in the best possible way? Well, so do we!

Whether fully glazed panoramic doors for light-flooded and visually appealing transfer halls, overhead folding doors for your direct reception, sectional doors made of steel for narrower budgets and maximum insulation of your garage, sectional doors made of aluminum for appealing looks and versatile design options for your service business, or sectional doors made of steel and aluminum to combine the best of both worlds. You can choose the materials, types of glazing and colors to suit your individual needs, so that the door fits in perfectly with your design.

In addition to consistently convincing products, you get a competent partner at your side who can advise you comprehensively through many years of experience and help you decide on the right product.

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Sectional door | Overhead folding door

Feuerwehr Innenansicht HQ

Fire station doors

Maximum safety in case of emergency

For many years, we have been building and installing fire station doors of the highest quality for professional, voluntary or plant fire brigades. Along the way, our technical field service always advises fire chiefs and municipalities individually so that no detail is overlooked for the safety of all. Of course, we always keep an eye on the latest fire brigade standards.

Existing buildings often reach their limits very quickly, especially with ever larger vehicles. Not us! With creative technical solutions such as low drop deflectors or the use of our convincing folding doors with outward stop, we have been able to safely equip every fire station. Our fire brigade package addresses all requirements of the valid fire brigade standard with regard to minimum size / passage width and height, opening speed, emergency opening, signal transmitter / traffic light system, spring break safety device or wicket door with low threshold. 

So that you can concentrate on your operation, we take care of the annual maintenance/ UVV inspection for you and guarantee a quick repair in case of emergency.

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Sectional door | Folding door

Hangar doors

Door openings >20 m - No problem

With regard to hangar doors, we can draw on our many years of experience in the construction of large doors. We excel with our flexible hangar door solutions for jets, sports aircraft, helicopters and the like.

Firstly, we rely on sectional doors with movable center supports. In this design, for example, three sectional doors (6.5 m x 5.0 m) and two center supports can be combined to create a total door opening of more than 20 m. It is also possible to open the entire door or only individual sides of the door. With radio control, the door can be opened conveniently from the cockpit of the runway. 

Another alternative is our aluminum folding door. With this, even larger openings far beyond 20 m can be closed. The mechanical opening is done with a minimum of manual force. Folding doors are particularly suitable for low building heights, which are required in the immediate vicinity of the runway. When using folding doors, almost the entire building height can be used as a door opening. 

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Sectional door | Folding door | Sliding door

Doors for the agricultural sector

Modern aluminum sliding doors for agricultural halls

We believe it's time to re-imagine sliding doors in agriculture. Whether for your equipment hall, stables, fruit and vegetable store or barn, whether new construction or renovation. Our modern sliding doors made of aluminum guarantee you a real added value compared to conventional sliding doors with planking made of wood or trapezoidal sheet metal.

Our sliding doors are based on a frame rung construction, which offers every possibility for individual design of the door leaf, i.e. closed fillings of aluminum stucco panel, light band or completely glazed. The improved natural light incidence can increase animal welfare. In addition to an attractive and modern appearance, our sliding doors focus on the functionality of industrial-standard doors. With up to three HELM rails, even large equipment has a free ride. And don't worry, the built-in floor guides can of course be driven over. The optional locking system with a locking cylinder provides the necessary security. Finally, the modular design allows for easy assembly and good repairability in case of emergency.

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Sliding door

Underground parking doors

Security and noise protection

Our roller grilles are the ideal underground garage doors.

The aluminum-encased steel grilles offer maximum air permeability for fresh air, security against burglary and visibility to prevent collisions of vehicles and people. The use of sound decoupling frames ensures that every local resident can also sleep peacefully. Our freely programmable controls offer all possibilities to reduce wear and tear on the systems, e.g. by time switches for permanent door opening at peak times. Otherwise, the systems can be equipped with hand-held transmitters and radio boards, or with stationary operating devices. 

Our product recommendation for this purpose:

Roller grilles


We are looking forward to finding a solution for your special requirements.