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Folding doors

Folding doors stand out due to their very flexible design and application options, especially when space inside is limited. At the same time, our classic aluminum construction is a veritable design element.

Space-saving and low-maintenance

Folding doors

Well thought out

Folding doors have a low space requirement on the desired stop side. This refers to both the side space and the required lintel space. The clear width remains fully usable in a version with 180° opening or profile doubling. 

The door type 46 AF is based on a robust aluminum frame and rung construction. Various types of fittings allow the door to be used in almost all building and space conditions. With externally hinged doors, the interior remains fully usable. 

In the standard configuration, the folding door is designed with a closed floor panel, e.g. of stucco or smooth sheet metal panels, and the other panels with insulating plastic double glazing for optimum light incidence. In order to achieve a special longevity, different real glass variants can be used.

The door leaf consists of several leaves arranged vertically next to each other, which can be moved and rotated sideways and are connected to each other with 3-part aluminum door hinges. The door hinges can be individually adjusted in all axes.

The leaf packages are guided smoothly in a special rail mounted above the door leaf by roller units with double-pair ball-bearing track rollers. The leaves are locked in their final position by means of invisible drive bolts integrated in the profile. These can be designed to be lockable from the inside as well as from the outside.

The door leaf profiles consist of extruded aluminum hollow profiles and are designed for the corresponding door sizes and static requirements. The sealing between the individual leaves as well as to the frame tube is realized by durable rubber seals with a special overlap, which also ensures finger pinch protection.

The infills are held in place on the inside with PVC or aluminum clamping strips and sealed on the outside with UV-resistant three-rib rubber profiles. The profiles are anodized in natural aluminum E6/EV1 and can be powder-coated in any RAL color on request.

Easily accessible

The use of wicket doors is possible in any desired door leaf. In the standard version, the threshold height is 135 mm. On request, a low threshold is also possible, which has a threshold height of 30 mm. 

In the case of an uneven number of leaves or also in the case of single leaves, a traffic leaf can be designed. The pedestrian leaf enables barrier-free passage with a large passage width at the same time, and is therefore an ideal solution for passenger and goods traffic. In the case of high door leaves, the active leaf can also be designed in a split version.

The wicket doors and traffic leaves can be optionally equipped with an overhead door closer. Furthermore, various lock and fitting combinations are available. In electric operation, the wicket door is secured with the aid of magnetic contacts.

The door can be operated manually or electrically. If necessary, a weather protection canopy can be fitted. The exact dimensions depend on the opening angle or the equipment of the door system. The track is attached to the supplied suspension brackets by means of adjustable screw mounting.


Fields of application
- Wash bays
- Fire brigades
- Plant construction
- Greenhouses
- Hangar doors, large openings, etc.
- and much more.
U-values [W/M²K], in installed state
Without wicket door
- Ecotop (double glazing): 3,1
- Energy (triple glazing): 2,9
- Real glass (1.1 W/m²K): 2.5
- Real glass (2.6 W/m²K): 3.4
- Stucco / smooth panel: 2,4

With wicket door
- Ecotop (double glazing): 3,4
- Energy (triple glazing): 3,1
- Real glass (1.1 W/m²K): 2.8
- Real glass (2.6 W/m²K): 3.6
- Stucco / smooth sheet panel: 2.7

All data based on reference door 4x4 m, pitch 2:2, hinged on the outside
Our advice
- Particularly suitable in wash halls due to the prevention of dripping wetness
- Can be integrated particularly well into the building envelope in a form that is flush with the façade

Version with mounting frame possible


Optional: Drive with integrated power shutdown and concealed cable routing

  • Thresholdless, also divided possible
  • Alternatively: wicket door
Standard partition up to 6:6, special sizes possible

With insulating filling or glass


Solid bottom guide with inlet hopper


3-dimensionally adjustable


Flexible brush seal

Highlights and features

Short Facts

Icon 5,5m / 15m

Other sizes possible within the framework of custom designs.


46 AF


Door leaf division up to 6:6 as standard, special divisions possible

Wicket doors opening inwards and outwards; threshold-free traffic leaf

  • Manually operated
  • E-drive
  • Fire brigade quick opener



E6/EV 1 anodized as standard

Optional: RAL of your choice


Aluminum STUCCO PANEL (standard)

Double-sided aluminum sheet with stucco-designed surface embossing and internal polystyrene insulation core.

Aluminum SHEET PANEL (optional)

Double-sided aluminum sheet panel with internal polystyrene insulation core. Anodized in E6/EV as standard.


Steel including powder coating or aluminum, incl. aluminum clamping strips.


When using the lattice bar filling, a pull-in protection is required. This is to prevent people from being pulled in when the door is raised.


The perforated sheet infill is an aluminum sheet with square perforations. Can be powder-coated in natural aluminum or according to the RAL palette.


ECOTOP (standard)

The Ecotop double glazing is the optimal pane for narrow budgets. This pane is used as standard glazing.

PEARL (optional)

The beaded surface lets light in, but not prying eyes from outside. It diffuses the light and offers a high level of glare protection in direct sunlight.

ENERGY (optional)

With Energy triple glazing, you minimize your energy costs. It is a future-proof solution that contributes to increasing the energy efficiency of the building.

Our Extra

HARD Surface coating:
All panes can optionally receive a nano-surface coating, which leads to a glass-like, very scratch-resistant surface and to increased chemical resistance as well as optical brilliance - our HARD coating closes the gap to real glass systems.

Depending on the door specification, panes can also be optionally made of real glass, which is the most robust version.

With the RheinRiff project in Düsseldorf, we supplied folding doors for the largest indoor surfing facility in the world.
Björn Schmidt Area Sales Manager West

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