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To ensure that our customers enjoy their door system for a long time, we offer service, maintenance and UVV testing, as well as repairs with original spare parts for products from DIE TORBAUER, BOTHE-HILD, Hild Tore, Bothe-Tore, Faltec and Günther-Tore.


Efficient and foresighted

According to the workplace directive ASR A1.7, a UVV inspection must be carried out at least once a year on power-operated doors in the commercial sector. This annual inspection is a good opportunity to carry out minor repairs at the same time. We also have concepts for preventive maintenance.

Our service applies across manufacturers, so we are happy to take responsibility for your entire door inventory.

Especially for particularly sensitive applications such as car washes, our approaches offer a way to repair damage before it occurs. The maintenance and UVV inspection to be carried out not only protects against recourse claims in the event of damage. It also increases operational safety and extends the service life of your door system. We recognize defects and wear at an early stage and repair or replace wear parts before major damage occurs.


Repairs with original spare parts

Even with the best doors, repairs can become necessary over time. Our service technicians are on duty nationwide and guarantee the function of our customers' door systems. Thanks to high-quality workmanship and our in-house spare parts production, economical repairs are possible. In individual cases, we always advise on the best solution, i.e. whether a repair or replacement of the complete door system is the better choice.

Our original spare parts guarantee the usual function of your door system in case of repair. We offer the spare parts service for both end customers and retailers.

We are also the exclusive manufacturer of original spare parts for doors of our former founding companies BOTHE-HILD, Hild-Tore and Bothe-Tore. Occasionally, we also manufacture spare parts for products made by Günther Tore and Faltec.


We give our all for joint success

Specialist retailers are important partners for us. So it goes without saying that we want to make their job as easy as possible. This includes providing our retailers with everything they need to transfer knowledge to the end customer. Individual production according to drawing and comprehensive personal technical support for complex building projects are part of our scope of services.

We support our retailers in marketing with our entire know-how, from sales and installation training, technical support and marketing assistance to labelling. A competent contact person is available to you at all times.

Training program

Training for specialist retailers and fitters

We do not leave our customers alone with new door solutions, but provide them with the necessary tools to become successful with our doors. We share the necessary know-how in our own training room or on-site at the customer's premises. This way, no questions and applications remain unanswered, neither mechanically nor electrically. Our team is also available to provide advice and assistance by telephone, so that questions can be answered directly on the construction site.