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With our new strategy, expanded management, generation change in all areas and the successes achieved, it is now also time to take an important step into the future. We have decided to part with old habits and to live change on all levels. We want to put our history in the background and focus from now on what is our strength and what we love. From now on we are "DIE TORBAUER" and appear on the market with a new word and picture brand. With the new appearance, we now also want to reflect in the external presentation what is already considered a self-image in our team.
"With our new logo, we want to symbolize not only a modern and corporate impression, but above all our commitment to the subject of folding doors. Therefore, we decided on an abstract symbiosis of a folding door and our TORBAUER "T". We look forward to ushering in a new era for our company with this new look." - Felix Wolf, Managing Director
The newly developed holistic corporate design, including a new website (, as well as catalog / overall program should embody the current identity of our company: door manufacturer with a clear mission, independent company, dynamic team, modern design, safe and innovative products.

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