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Marcel Walter - E-Werkstatt

In our company, the focus is on people

At BOTHE-HILD, the focus is on people – whether customers or employees. For more than 10 years we have been employing staff of Lebenshilfe Dillenburg e.V. in our company and this very successfully. The work of our colleagues is a real enrichment for all involved and for our company.

"Working where others also work - barrier-free to the goal": This is the motto of the photo project that Lebenshilfe Dillenburg implemented with professional photographer Marvin Ruppert from Cologne on the occasion of the European Day of Protest for the Equality of People with Disabilities. Our employee was also involved. 

We are very proud of our TORBAUER Marcel Walter. He is an important support and very valuable employee in our company - already for more than 10 years.

Thank you very much for your commitment and the great work!

Marcel Walter - E-Werkstatt
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