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Product launch: Modern sliding aluminum doors

When people think of sliding doors, they usually think of very simple steel frame constructions with wooden or trapezoidal sheet metal planking. These are not only visually unappealing, but also functionally long outdated. The most common use of these doors is in agricultural halls.

DIE TORBAUER have recognized their mission and want to revolutionize the sliding door market. For this purpose, a modern sliding door made of aluminum was developed. The added value created is convincing:
- Easy assembly and excellent repairability due to robust and modular aluminum leaf construction.
- Maximum design flexibility in terms of opening type, door dimensions and infill panels
- Up to three helmet rails for multiple and particularly wide openings
- Durability due to weather and corrosion resistant materials
- Low maintenance requirements
- Attractive and modern appearance for an all-round convincing appearance of every hall
- Extensive range of additional functional equipment

P.S. sliding doors are not only suitable for agricultural halls, but are also ideal for hangars or other halls with large / flexible openings.

To all DEALERS and HALL BUILDERS: For our launch, we are now looking for strong partners who want to take advantage of this opportunity, differentiate themselves in the market and offer our door solution as an added value for their customers.

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